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Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Okay Shadowhunter fans, we NEED you're help, but before I tell you what it's for, SHHHHHH it's a secret! If you're affiliated with the movie, don't read any further, or I'll be forced to unleash the mundanes on you, or some freaky demon. (photo credit Page to Premiere)

Here's the low down. I'm teaming up with my lovelies from Fangirlish, TMI SourceHypable & Page to Premiere to work on a secret Shadowhunter project, which we're not publicly naming right now, as a few eyes have seen it we were hoping wouldn't have, and we really want to keep this under wraps as much as possible, which is why we took down our original posts and have edited them.

Your mission, should you choose to be apart of it, is to help us collect 300 pictures by midnight FRIDAY (May 3rd). To get all the info on what your picture needs to have, and what we're doing, please email us at

Once we have everything together, we will be sharing the over all project with everyone. Please DO NOT tag Cassie, or any of the cast or those with Sony when you help promote this. We are working hard at keeping this under wraps, even though we know there are eyes who are affiliated with the movie and the actors who do follow our blogs. Let's show a certain someone we're doing this project for what the TMI fandom can do! You guys are truly amazing! If you any questions, please be sure to contact any of us.

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