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Thursday, May 9, 2013

TMI Movie News: Merchandise Coming Soon!

The TMI Fandom is abuzz with all the exciting things happening right now and being revealed. Here's a few of the things being talked about right now.

Coming July 9th: The Little Book of Quotes ( I AM SO GETTING THIS!)

pictured left: Little Book of Quotes, 7/9/13
pictured center: Postcard Book, 8/1/13
pictured right: Journal 10/3/13

A gorgeous hardcover book that features wise, inspirational or funny quotes from the script of this summer’s blockbuster movie, alongside character profiles and stunning cast photos. There is even the chance to design and colour your own quotes and runes on the specially designed write-in pages! This beautiful hardback book, with its gold-debossed-foil cover and gold-pantone- and-black-ink insides, is a must-have for any fan!
Preorder from Amazon.UK  and
Which of these things will you be getting? 

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