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Monday, July 8, 2013

Hot Topic Goes Live with Pre-Orders of TMI Movie Merchandise

Whoa! Hot Topic has made their TMI movie merchandise available for pre-order, let me just say that I'm saving my pennies because there are a couple (three, four, or more) things I want. Isn't that Angelic Tank cute?

I think the GlaringJace (yes, it's really called the Jace t-shirt) shirt is perfect for school pick up or better yet, that school pull-thru lane. Just for that moment when someone tries to double-park while you're trying to get out. Mhmm, hello, see Jace's face. He's glaring and so am I!

Those leggings are waaaaaay cute, agree MMs?

That Shadowhunter shirt is a must-have!

I love seeing their three faces on merchandise; it's getting real. We're almost there to the movie's release date!

Isabelle's necklace -- gotta love that design. 

I can think of a Mundie Mom friend who'd love a BFF parabatai necklace, can't you?

And pins, my book bag(s) need these pins.

As the infomercials say, there is EVEN MORE; click over to Hot Topic's TMI Movie page and see iPhone cases, more t-shirt designs and yes, more jewelry. And I've got to ask, what are your must-have items?

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