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Sunday, August 4, 2013

InStyle UK's Interview with Jamie Campbell Bower & Robert Sheehan

Earlier in the week I posted the behind the scenes of Jamie and Robert's interview with InStyle UK's magazine.  Thanks to fans can now read the transcript for Robert Sheehan & Jamie Campbell Bower's interview with InStyle magazine, featured in the September 2013 issue. I didn't post the entire interview, but you can read it here. I also edited two words in this interview, since Mundie Moms is a family friendly site. ;)

We’ve seen lots of vampire and ghoul flicks, so what’s different about this one?
Jamie: We have vampires, angels, werewolves, demons… the lot! Also, this film’s more rooted in humanity than the others.
Robert: There’s this mad, fantastical world, but it’s seen through the eyes of very real people. And there’s a lovely irreverence. It has a great comedic quality. That’s the only way they know how to digest what’s happening.

And you are very funny guys…
Jamie: Aw, thanks. We’re a double act.
Robert: I certainly don’t have a serious mode.

Did you two know each other before this film?
Robert: We’re very social creatures, we move in similar circles.
Jamie: More like a figure of eight.
Robert: After a while, you realise how village-y the acting community is.

Is it competitive between young actors in the industry?
Robert: It’s competitive, but well-spirited. I’ve never met a mean-spirited person.
Jamie: Never?
Robert: In that context. There’s no point - it’s just the nature of the gig. There was a guy auditioning for my part, and when we did the screen test in Toronto he was on my flight and stayed in the same hotel as me. We were very much in each other’s company. It was intense, but we’re now mates.

In the film, your characters are pitted against each other…
Jamie: With myself, Robbie and Lily, there is competition between our characters. But I hate to use the term ‘love triangle’ because it’s f***ing boring.

But you get the girl, Jamie?
Jamie: Yes, at the end of the book series. We think we’re brother and sister for a bit, too, but we’re not. It’s all in the books, there’s no spoiler alerts there!

We heard the author cried when she saw you and Lily at the chemistry reading…
Jamie: She watched my screen test - this was three years ago - and apparently I made her cry. Whether or not it was because it was terrible, I don’t know.

You’re being modest. After all, the chemistry was pretty real. Do you and Lily worry about the inevitable R-Patz/K-Stew-style hype?
Jamie: If I decide to go out in the street and hold hands with somebody and make a statement, that’s my statement. Everyone involved in this project is aware of the hype that’s stemmed from the success of the books. You have to prepare yourself, but not think about it on a daily basis.
Robert: What they don’t know is that we’re actually having an affair! And they’ll never know…
Jamie: They do now! As Robbie says, it’s wicked that there’s interest in the movie, but is it great for us as individuals? Who gives a shit? You can’t change who you are because of someone else’s expectations of you. What we do in our personal lives is what we do in our personal lives.

So, you’re about to embark on a promotional world tour. Do they train you for that kind of thing?
Robert: No, they just sit you in a hotel room, wind you up and say, “Talk!" No, it’s going to be interesting to see how the book’s die-hard fans react.
Jamie: I experienced a negative reaction when I was cast. I was out of shape, my hair was too greasy, my teeth weren’t straight, and Jace is described as muscly with blonde hair. It’s like, ‘I’m an actor!’ I’m going to change the way I look! It’s part of what I do. I would love to go home and devour a pizza every night, of course I f***ing would! But I have a responsibility to my employers and the people who’ve read the book.

Jamie, you attended the Met Ball this year. How was that?
Robert: What’s the Met Ball?
Jamie: It’s like the Oscars of the fashion industry. Lily and I went. Moschino designed both our outfits.

Ooh, matching outfits!
Jamie: The theme was punk couture. They thought my nose ring was part of my costume though! It’s quite intense but it was something new and exciting, and not trashy. I knew a lot of people there. I went to school with Cara Delevingne.
Robert: So it’s like a fashion summit?
Jamie: It’s like the G8 of fashion!

So how are you dealing with the prospect of becoming international heart-throbs?
Robert: I’m just hoping there’ll be action figures!
Jamie: Yeah, exactly! Barbie and Ken, and Action Man! We are effectively a commodity, a toy to play with.

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