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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Cassandra Clare Answers Fan Questions About Parabatai & Relationships

Cassie answered fan questions about parabatai and shadowhunter relationships here, which I've also shared below.
Days of our parabatai lives
This might seem like an odd question and I don’t know if you actually can answer it but I couldn’t stand not asking at all. We all know that relationships between parabatai are strictly forbidden so that’s why I’m wondering what would happen if a pair of parabatai were to have a child accidently? What would happen to the child, and would the pair of parabatai get stripped off their marks? If so, would the child live with them as a mundane too and maybe later decide whether he/she wanted to be a shadowhunter or not? Because the child will still have nephilim blood right?”
Yes, the offspring of two parabatai would be a Shadowhunter.
The Parabatai involved would indeed be punished, because they’re not meant to be having a relationship. Here’s what the Codex says:
"The only bond forbidden to the parabatai is the romantic bond. These bonded pairs must maintain the dignity of their warrior bond and must not allow it to transform into the earthly love we call Eros. The late Middle Ages were littered with Shadowhunter-troubadours’ songs of the forbidden love of parabatai pairs and the tragedies that befell them. The warnings are not merely of heartache and betrayal but of magical disaster, impossible to prevent, when parabatai become romantically linked.”
But that’s all it says; especially since Dark Artifices deals so much with parabatai and all the laws surrounding them, I think it’s best to wait for those books to have these questions answered. They haven’t been answered yet because it just hasn’t come up and often if it’s better if it comes up within a book — like the tragical story of Silas and Eloisa in Infernal Devices.
Hi Cassie!! I was wondering about the marriage between a shadowhunter and a downworlder. You said if they have kids those kids will be shadowhunters because it is the dominant gene. Well I was wondering if there has ever been a case where the child received the recessive gene of downworlder. Just like blue/green eyes are recessive and brown is dominant. Sometimes people get a recessive gene instead if dominant, so has a child ever gotten the downworlder gene? P.S. Absolutely in love with your books!! I like figuring out how each piece fits together and figure out my metaphoric puzzle. Can not wait for COHF!! — diffident-bibliophile
Well, we’re dealing with magic, not genetics really! The children of Shadowhunters are Shadowhunters. None of them ever turn out to be Downworlders. However, as we see with Mark and Helen Blackthorn, who had a faerie parent, they do express some aspects of their faerie heritage: pointed ears, etc. They’re still Shadowhunters, though, and if they have children, the faerie blood will fairly quickly recede. 
Will and Tessa’s children are Shadowhunters though as we see in The Last Hours they both have a bit of odd power bequeathed to them by Tessa. That fades out in the Herondale line, though.
This does posit a world where Shadowhunters leave the Clave and breed Shadowhunter children — like Will’s parents — who, if they don’t know they’re Shadowhunters, will lead normal lives among mundanes (like Tessa’s mother.) But it does mean a sort of world of Lost Shadowhunters, and that does come up in Dark Artifices.

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