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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Latest Cassandra Clare News: European Tour, Boston Book Festival & More

Check out the latest news from Cassie! She's going on Tour, will be signing TODAY in Boston and she answers fans questions about some of our favorite characters.

Ms. Clare, I am going to the Boston Book Festival tomorrow, and I was wondering if you and Holly Black would be signing books after your panel. Thank you for your time. — make-dreams-your-master
Yes, we will. Here’s a link to the description of our event (with Soman Chainani and Gregory Maguire)
And we’ll be signing right after that. Hope to see you Bostonians there!
Hi Cassie! I love all of your books so much, and I was wondering if you had some more information about your upcoming visit to the Netherlands? I would LOVE to meet you and maybe get something signed but I have no clue as to what you are going to do while you are here and where you’ll be etc… I’m so excited that you are coming to my tiny country! Much love, Tiffany

So Holly and I have had a VERY complicated time with our European tour for which I can only apologize. It looks like I’m having (minor!) surgery and the only time I can have it is early November. We needed to push the tour back — we offered to come to Spain and Portugal later but it didn’t work for our Spanish and Portuguese publishers.
(I’ve heard from some Spanish fans that an event in Madrid was cancelled. Holly and I had no idea there was ever even an event scheduled. No one told us anything about it. I am super sorry about the cancellation.)

Meanwhile, our Dutch publishers decided they’d rather we went to Antwerp than the Netherlands. So we will be in Antwerp.

When you tour, you don’t really get to decide when/where you go — you can only say “yes” to an invitation to a country, but you cannot choose the cities or the times. So I apologize to Dutch fans for not actually being in the Netherlands but rather Belgium, and I apologize to the Spanish and Portuguese that we won’t be there. We really tried. We hoped to come on our way back from Vienna but it was not to be.

In the meantime, our events in Hamburg, Cologne and Vienna are posted here.

And this is all the information I have about Antwerp!

Hey Cassie! I love your books so thank you for writing them. We know there is a love triangle in TLH(it might not be a love triangle yet). How is James, Cordelia and grace's relationship different from will, jem and Tessa's.
I never am quite sure how to answer these questions besides, “Well they are very different people in a different situation?” But I will try!
Well, for one thing, as you said, we don’t know it’s a love triangle yet for sure. 
Secondly, what defines Jem and Tessa and Will’s relationship, the thing I was interested about writing in the first place, is that Jem and Will are parabatai. They are incredibly close friends who love one another. That neither wants to hurt the other is part of what both snarls up the situation and ultimately resolves it. Grace and Cordelia do not have a close friendship. They barely know each other.
Will and Jem have  known each other all their lives, while Tessa is a newcomer. James and Cordelia have known each other all their lives. James has known Grace all his life. (Cordelia doesn’t really know her.) They are all Shadowhunters, instead of one of them being a Downworlder. James, Grace and Cordelia’s parents all have relationships with each other, while none of the parents in TID knew each other or had anything to do with the love story.
Aside from what also comes into play when you switch around the genders — which is significant especially in historical fiction … well, other than being three people and some love there’s not much that isn’t different.

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