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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Shadowhunters TV Series News: Latest Tweets From The Cast and Crew

This past week and weekend I've been at RT in Dallas, and off the grid a bit, as I had the worst internet connection while there. So today I'm catching up on all the tweets from our awesome Shadowhunters TV series cast. Wow, talk about missing a lot. Here are just some of the tweets I found that were shared this week with Shadowhunter fans. Check out our cast hanging out together and prepping for their big roles. 

Thank you for all your support -- we are so happy you love everyone whom we've announced so far!

Training with the boys!

Jace Alec Izzy Simon about to slay McG

My name is not little girl... She has arrived

First day of training for for and I am in serious pain!! 

I love seeing this cast together. From the looks of these pictures, they've having a great time prepping for their roles. I can't wait to see them bring our beloved characters to life. Be sure to follow the cast, McG and Shadowhunters TV on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with their latest Shadowhunters TV news, and more. 

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