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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Shadowhunters TV News: Set Pictures from Week 2 of Filming

It's been a busy week on set for ABC Family's THE SHADOWHUNTERS. It's now week two of filming, and just in case you may of missed them, there are some of this week's on set and behind the scenes pictures from the cast and crew.


More snapchats of @DomSherWood1 training for #Shadowhunters today!


Just in case you missed it, last night ShadowhuntersTV teased fans during the airing on their network. One of the teases was a picture of the new logo. I have to say, WOW! I totally love it. 

Along with some of yesterday's pictures, were these two tweets:

S. Johnstone Lucescu (@Lucescu) said:

Talked to Cassie @CassieClare today and thank her for taking time to chat, so that I can design each ShadowHunteres skills as she intended....

Ed Decter (@EDecter) said:

We here at @ShadowhuntersTV salute @CassieClare without whose brilliance, and imagination there would be no ShadowHunters!

I love how connected with the cast and crew of the show are. How much longer until February? I can't wait to see the first episode to air. 

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