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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

RED: THE TRUE STORY OF RED RIDING HOOD by Liesl Shurtliff / Book Review

If you love fairytales with an exciting twist, be sure to pick up Lisel Shurtliff's upcoming middle grade release, RED: The True Story of Red Riding Hood! 

By: Liesl Shurtliff 

Published by: Random House Kids
To Be Released on: April 12th, 2016
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Rating: 4.5 owlets: I Really Enjoyed It!
Source: *I received an arc from the publisher to review, in exchange for my honest review

Red is not afraid of the big bad wolf. She’s not afraid of anything . . . except magic.

But when Red’s granny falls ill, it seems that only magic can save her, and fearless Red is forced to confront her one weakness.

With the help of a blond, porridge-sampling nuisance called Goldie, Redgoes on a quest to cure Granny. Her journey takes her through dwarves’ caverns to a haunted well and a beast’s castle. All the while, Red and Goldie are followed by a wolf and a huntsman—two mortal enemies who seek the girls’ help to defeat each other. And one of them just might have the magical solution Red is looking for. . . .

Liesl Shurtliff weaves a spellbinding tale, shining the spotlight on a beloved character from her award-winning debut, Rump. 

A fantastic fairy-tale retelling! Red, The True Story of Red Riding Hood is another Liesl Shurtliff classic!

Red: The True Story of Red Riding Hood is a fabulous fairytale retelling with some exciting twists. When Red's Grandmother gets sick, it's up to Red to go out into the woods in search of the ingredients she needs to get well. While on her way, Red encounters more than just the wolf. Through Red's story, Shurtliff introduces readers to a variety of well known fairytale characters, and places. I loved the way she weaved together other fairytales, and the twist she gave those characters, in Red's story. I especially loved the twist on the wolf! That was one of my favorite parts of this story. 

Red is a character readers won't soon forget. In her quest to save her beloved Grandmother, Red takes readers on an unforgettable journey brimming with magic, friendship, and danger. Along the way Red learns to not only overcome her fear of her magic, she learns to trust herself, and her friends. Red has magic, just like her Grandmother. Unlike her Grandmother, Red has a fear of using it, because she never gets the spells right, which has resulted in a few disasters. I loved watching Red learn to trust in herself, and her abilities. Something her Grandmother always knew she could do. 

 I've always been a fan of Little Red Riding Hood, but I've never really come to love her character like I have with Shurtliff's Red Riding Hood. What a fabulous character to read about. Shurtliff makes reading fairytales cool, no matter how old you are! Fans will know her best for Rump (The True Story of Rumplestiltskin) whom is mentioned in the story, but is not a character you'll see in the story. As well as Jack (Jack The True Story of Jack and the Beanstalk) I love how Shurtliff tied these stories to Red's. 

Whether you're a long time fan of Liesl Shurtliff's or this is your first book of hers to read about, I highly recommend picking up this book, as well as her other books! 

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  1. Gorgeous review Katie. <3 Yay for enjoying this book a lot :D Your review is awesome. You make this book seem so interesting :) It looks so cute. I'm interested in it.