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Friday, August 19, 2016


We're celebrating the paper back release of PERSUASION with Martina Boone! Trust me, you do not want to miss her seriously amazing giveaway below!

I am so thrilled to team up with HEIRS OF WATSON ISLAND author, Martina Boone, to celebrate the upcoming paper back release of Persuasion (on Tuesday), and the upcoming, highly anticipated release of the third book in the series, ILLUSION, coming this October! I love this series. If you haven't already, now is your chance to pick up the first two books in the series. Compulsion is already out in paperback, and Persuasion will be out in paperback on Tuesday! To celebrate, Martina has put together a HUGE giveaway! Before you check it out, here's a little bit about her series:

Simon & Schuster, Simon Pulse ISBN: 18732883

Three plantations. Two wishes. One ancient curse.

Three hundred years ago, an ancient spirit cursed one of the founding families of Watson Island and gave the other two magical gifts that became compulsions. Arriving for the first time at her aunt’s plantation home, Barrie Watson finds herself haunted by the ghosts of a generations-old feud and hunted by forces she can’t see. With the help of Eight Beaufort, who seems to know what she wants before she knows herself, the last Watson heir starts to unravel her family's twisted secrets. What she finds is dangerous: a love she never expected, a river that turns to fire at midnight, a gorgeous cousin who isn’t what she seems, and very real enemies who want both Eight and Barrie dead.

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RT Book Reviews Top Pick & Editor’s Best 
USA TODAY Must-Read Paranormal 
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Simon & Schuster, Simon Pulse ISBN: 148141125X

As reporters chasing rumors of a stolen shipment of Civil War gold descend on Watson Island, Barrie Watson discovers more is buried at Colesworth Place than treasure. A mysterious, magical man claims the key to the Watson and Beaufort gifts and the Colesworth curse also lies beneath the mansion, and Barrie has no option but to help him find it. While she and Eight Beaufort struggle to make sense of the escalating danger and their growing feelings for each other, Barrie must decide not only whom to trust, but which gift is more reliable—Eight’s or her own. With the fate of the founding families at stake, she has to choose between what she feels deep in her heart and what will keep her loved ones safe.

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Hardcover, 10/25/15
Simon & Schuster, Simon Pulse ISBN: 

Caged by secrets all around her and haunted by mistakes that have estranged her from Eight Beaufort, Barrie Watson is desperate to break the curse that puts her family in danger—without breaking the beautiful magic that protects Watson’s Landing. To do that, she must heal the rifts that have split the families of the island apart for three hundred years, unravel the mystery of the Fire Carrier and the spirits he guards, and take control of forces so deadly and awe-inspiring they threaten to overwhelm her.

With the spirits that cursed Watson Island centuries ago awake and more dangerous than ever, she finds an unlikely ally in the haunting and enigmatic Obadiah, whose motivations and power she still can’t read—or trust. His help comes at a price, however, plunging Barrie into a deadly maze of magic and wonder, mystery and intrigue that leads through history to places she never imagined she could go.

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Win a copies of SIX OF CROWS, BEAUTIFUL CREATURES, BETWEEN THE DEVIL AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA, and a signed copy of HOURGLASS, along with a COMPULSION FOR READING t-shirt and a signed set of COMPULSION, PERSUASION, and ILLUSION charm bookmarks.

Enter by 9/20.

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  1. Lovely post Katie :D Thank you for sharing about this giveaway. <3 I'm unsure about these books, but they also do seem so awesome :)

  2. Thank you for this giveaway!!!! Love the covers and I've been wanting to read Six of Crows for a while now!!! :D

  3. SO thrilled to win this! Thank you, Martina!