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Monday, February 27, 2017

Cassie Clare Shares New Lord of Shadowhunters Snippet #Shadowhunters #LordofShadows

Image from Cassie's tumblr art by Cassandra JP

Shadowhunters, check out the newest Lord of Shadows snippet Cassie posted on her instagram alongside a fun image by Cassandra JP:

 “The shadows were lengthening by the time Julian and Emma fin ished their lunch. Julian bought some food and supplies at a small grocer’s shop, while Emma darted next door to pick up pajamas and t-shirts at a small New Age shop that sold tarot cards and crystal gnomes. When she emerged, she was grinning. She produced a blue and purple t-shirt emblazoned with a smiling unicorn for Jules, who stared at it in horror. She tucked it into his pack carefully before they started across the town to find the beginning of the path to the coast.” 

Lord of Shadows will be out on 5/23/17 We can't wait to get our hands on this book! You can also find a post with the snippet on her Tumblr account

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