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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Cassandra Clare Talks #LordOfShadows & Much More with BuzzFeed #Shadowhunters

Cassandra Clare answers fans 20 most burning questions, in her newest interview with BuzzFeed. Cassie answers questions about her favorite book to write, characters, writing, character deaths, romance and must more. Read it all via her BuzzFeed interview hereI've shared just a few of their Q&A below. I highly recommend reading the full interview, here.

After I finish up The Dark Artifices, I plan to write two more Shadowhunter trilogies: The Last Hours (about the next generation after The Infernal Devices) and The Wicked Powers (wrapping up the whole TMI/TDA story). I’m also writing The Eldest Curses, a trilogy focused on Magnus and Alec, with [Time Salvager author] Wesley Chu. I’ve got plans for another set of short stories set between The Infernal Devices and The Last Hours. As of now, I’m planning to end the story arc of The Shadowhunter Chronicles with The Wicked Powers, but with so much to write between then and now, I’m not saying anything definitive yet! Meanwhile, I have been thinking about projects I’d like to work on outside the Shadowhunter world.

The British special hardback — it’s so beautiful, with a stamped design of the parabatai rune.

Probably Lord of Shadows. There’s a big character death in it, and while I was writing it my stepfather died — someone to whom I have been very close for most of my life. So I was writing this death with the feeling that a big hole had been punched through my life by grief. I think as writers we alchemize our pain into stories: We put them out in the world for people to share and relate to. It can be hard to read bad things happening to characters, but when only good things happen to characters we can no longer relate to them: No one’s life is like that. It’s been said that we read to know we are not alone, and that means muddling through grief, too. That doesn’t mean it isn’t hard to put my characters through pain, because it is!

I’d like to be a warlock, so I could use magic, and I would definitely want to live forever but without the problem vampires have — no sunlight, drinking blood. I’d also hope for a cool warlock mark, like wings. You don’t want anything too extreme. For The Eldest Curses Wes Chu created a warlock who was half duck, half fish, and I was like, “Too far, buddy. Too far.”

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There's a lot more to this interview. Trust us, it's worth reading Cassie's entire interview with BuzzFeed here.

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