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Friday, December 29, 2017

7 Books That Broke My Fantasy Reading Streak & Emotionally Wrecked Me

When it comes to reading, I am a huge fantasy fan, and a minor, very minor contemporary fan. I'm almost snobbish when it comes to reading contemporary. Though I do love a good gritty, realistic book sometimes. 

There's something about a contemporary / realistic book that sometimes scares me to read it. It's not because of what it contains, but because all too often I want to read something that allows me to escape the daily grind or the news, or what have you. Sometimes there are books that just call me to read them, and I end up devouring them in one sitting. There were a few books I read this year that literally made me think, and had me feeling all the emotions. While these books are stories created by gifted writers, some of them rang true to things that happen in real life. 

If you're looking for a book that takes you out of your box, and makes you think about how it applies to real life, or you want a book that makes you feel all the book fees, pick up one of these books. Not all are clean cut, but than again, neither is life. Some are gritty, non sugar coated, and tell the story like it should be told. Each of them definitely left their mark on me this year. Some of these were 5 star reviews, and some I didn't even rate. Sometimes it's hard to rate a book that feels like it was taken straight from the headlines. 

When a book leaves it's mark on you, and has you pondering it days after you read it, you know the story did just what the author intended it to do. Here's a few books that had me doing just that. 

DEAR MARTIN by Nic Stone

Dear Martin is a gripping, must read debut. Nic Stone has gifted readers with a powerful book that will make you think and feel a wide range of emotions. Based on current issues, and based on recent news stories, this story is told from a mix of letters Justyce writes to Martin Luther King Jr, debate class conversations, and Justyce's point of view. This is definitely worth the read, as it tackles racism at it's core. I felt like I walked away from reading this book with my eyes more open. The rest of my 5 star review can be read here.

This book absolutely broke my heart. I haven't felt so gutted reading a book, in a long time. I feel like I'm a mixed bag of emotions writing this review. There's so much I want to say, yet I feel like not much needs to be said about this book. This is an emotional gripping, raw, troubling, powerful, hopeful, kind of read. Roe holds nothing back. Her writing will break you, and at the same time she will have you rooting for the two main characters, and their friends. The rest of my review can be found here.

A gut-wrenching debut. This is a story about what happens when the whole world is against you, and you have a new reason to find your own voice. You take a stand, and prove to them you're more than they think they know about you. The rest of my review can be found here.

There's something about a Sarah Dessen book that makes me want to pick up all her books and read them. She makes reading contemporary books enjoyable for me. I can't help but get sucked into her stories. There's depth to her characters, and substance to her stories. Just Listen has all that. The rest of my review can be found here.

I'm totally adding this book to my list, because there was something about this book that made it hard to put down. Sure it's not a gitty realistic read, but it is one that stayed with me long after I read it, and had me rooting for these two characters. A haunting story with hope, friendship and love at it's core. What would you do if you found out that today would be your last? For Mateo and Rufus, their call from death brings them unexpectedly together. What transpires is an unforgettable adventure as two strangers, who become friends, find solace in each other, and make their last day together count. The rest of my review can be found here. 

This book didn't necessarily emotional wreck me, but it definitely had me rooting for these two characters. I'm not a huge fan of verse, but I'm a fan of the way Laskin wrote this book. Poetic, diverse, sensual, complicated, and hopeful, this is a beautifully written, modern day Romeo and Juliet with a very nontraditional ending. Set in war torn Israel and Palestine, Ronit and Jamil's story is a forbidden love story, fueled by love, and hope for a better future, and riddled by a history of hate among their people. The rest of my review can be read here.

This debut is so many feelings. It's similar to Dear Martin, in the the way it wakes you up and gives you a story that mirrors that of real life. This book has had me feeling so many emotions. I haven't finished reading this book yet, but am finishing it shortly and will have my review up after the New Year. 

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  1. Such an awesome post Katie. Thank you for sharing about these lovely books. <3 So glad you loved them lots :D YAY. I haven't read any good books from this genre in so so long, sadly :\ And only read one from this list, and I hated it, ahhh. But the rest of the books seems so so good. Hope I might want to read them one day :) Lovely small reviews sweetie. <3