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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Chat with The River of Time Series author, Lisa T Bergren

We are such huge fans of this series and we're so excited to have Lisa on Mundie Moms for a live author chat on TONIGHT, October 27th. If you haven't picked up this series yet, I HIGHLY recommend it. We will be discussing all three books in the series, and yes spoilers will be discussed during the second half of the chat.

Tonight we've got some awesome GIVEAWAYS for the chat! In order to be entered to win, all you have to do is join the chat & be present to win, as well as LIKE The River of Time Series facebook page and the Mundie Moms/Mundie Kids facebook page.

Giveaways are:

- 3 prizes: A River book for your friend, and another Bergren book for you (any River of Time book)

- 1 pair of earrings Lisa picked up in Venice

- 2 prizes: A River Tribe t-shirt

There's 6 giveaways in all and one will happen every 10 mins on the chat!!

*Our chat will start at 8 pm CST/ 9 pm EST. To join, hit join and enter a screen name.

*We do our best to make sure all comments are published, but not all the questions may be answered in the hour time frame of the chat. Even if your questions and comments are not published, we and our guest can still read them.

* The reason why we moderate our chats is to allow our guest(s) to be able to come on and chat with their fans with out feeling overwhelmed by everyone talking to them at the same time.

*In respect to our guest's time, we will only publish comments that pertain to their current writings, and book.

* We often times have other author guests who join out chats, but we only publish questions pertaining to the author who is chatting with us tonight.

*We will not post any personal questions or comments.

* Any rude, disrespectful, or spam like comments will not be published.

*Thank you and we look forward to chatting with everyone tonight!

**No part of this chat is allowed to be used with out our permission**

*** this chat post will moved the night of the chat to be at the top of our blog.


  1. How do you join the chat?

  2. Help I don't know how to join the blog.

  3. Anonymous- The chat ended. You can read the transcript

    Desiree- You can follow the blog, but I'm not sure how you'd join. ;)

  4. Oh, no! How could I have missed it! Noooo, I wanted to talk to Lisa. Damn it, damn it, damn it! I've got to catch these things on time.

    - Asher (from Paranormal Indulgence)

  5. How do I join the chat? Help, please...

  6. Nevermind. Somehow I missed it and it just turned nine here. :( I'm confused.

  7. On no Asher! We missed you.

    Aw, that stinks. All of our chats always run from 8 pm CST- 9 pm CST.