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Friday, December 9, 2011

Clockwork Prince Interview Series: Interview with Cassandra Clare

I am SO EXCITED to post our interview with Cassie today!!! I've had this interview for a few weeks now and I wanted to wait for the right moment to post, and what's more fitting then the week of Clockwork Prince's release.

Cassie w/ Ed Westwick from the CP launch party at the Union Square Barnes & Noble Dec. 6th, 2011. Thank you to are *anonymous friend* for this lovely picture.

There is so much that happens in this book emotionally. How do you separate yourself emotionally from some of the harder scenes?

Well, you do and you don't. You want to feel the emotions the characters feel so you can channel them onto the page. At the same time you don't want to be a crying mess, because then you can't write! I would say it's a matter of going over those scenes over and over and over and over again. The first drafts will be rough and emotional, but you want to whittle that emotion down, fine-tune it. Sometimes the sparest word or description can carry a wealth of meaning.

Are you able to give us the page number of the scene that made you cry while writing it?

Page 469 in my copy!

Magnus is one of my most favorite characters from both the TMI and ID series. Which time period do you enjoy writing him in?

I love him in both. In ID he's a little younger, more idealistic. He believes he can save people, Will particularly. In TMI I have always felt like he was coming out of a long period of pessimism and self-distraction with his relationship with Alec. Both are fun to write.

With all that happens during CP, was there a scene that surprised you that wasn't apart of your original outline?

There were — and this is a spoiler, but originally it wasn't Sophie but **you know who, that hit you know who with the you know what **. I transferred the scene to Sophie to shore up her character and show her progress.

** I edited this so that NO SPOILERS would be revealed. If you've read the book then you know who we're referring to, and what scene that involves something that starts with an m. Please DO NOT mention what I've purposely edited out in the comments, so that those who haven't read CP won't be spoiled.

How was writing CP different than writing CA?

The first book in a series is always about getting to know the characters, introducing them, laying your groundwork, and it's fun that way, but the second book allows you delve more deeply into their characters and backstories. The first book establishes a conflict, and the second carries it forward, and lets you start paying off some of what you set up.

If Will could give Jace a piece of advice, what would it be?

Will is a terrible person to give anyone advice! But I suppose he'd say "Be honest."

If you could visit Victorian London where would you visit first?

The Crystal Palace, since it was destroyed in 1936 and could never be visited now.

If you could write Will and Jem into one of your favorite books, what book would you write them in?

Tale of Two Cities, of course!

Tessa is one of our all time favorite heroines, and one of our favorite Tessa's moments is "the talk" she has with herself about ultimately following her heart. Do we find out what her final decision will be in book three?

We will find out Tessa's ultimate decision about the placement of her heart in book three. I think it will surprise people.


THANK YOU Cassie for joining us today and taking the time out of your hectic schedule to answer our questions and all our character questions that have been featured through out the week.

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Upcoming Appearances:
Don't forget to go HERE to find out what cities Cassie is coming to next! In May of 2012 Cassie will be touring the UK & Ireland for the release of COLS!


  1. Thanks so much for the great interview. I just finished reading CP last night and I loved it!!

  2. That was great, thank you! Going to look up page 469 now, but wondering if her copy is different from my...very interested to see. And as anxious as I was for CP to come out, I am 'dying' to get to book three...I know what I want to happen but after her last comment I am not sure it 'Will' :-) Hmmmmm!

  3. Oh Yes, Pg 469 made me cry too, sigh~

  4. I know that everyone is all weepy about the many emotional scenes in this book, but my favorite part of the whole thing was Will's Demon Pox song. I don't think it's getting the recognition it deserves. :)

  5. @Kate, SO TRUE...I loved that scene, I was giggling out loud!!!

  6. Wonderful interview, Katie!!!! And I adore the picture...hello Ed!

  7. Amy- You are so welcome! I'm so glad you loved CP!!

    Malissa- You're so welcome. I'm so thrilled you enjoyed it.

    Kate- LOL I agree! That will be a Mundane Monday quote. ;)

    Sophie- Thank you! :)

  8. I'm reading Mortal Instruments but this series sounds sooo good! That's awewsome that Westwick was there, I forgot he was on thte audiobook.

  9. OH, I almost forgot. I love it when Tessa threatens to turn into Jem so that everyone will see what he looks like in a dress. That was awesome. Go, TESSA. Don't take no &*%#, girl! heehee :)

  10. I adore Cassandra Clare. Not many authors are truly capable of making their books so immersive, but Clare has batted home run after run and hasn't had a strike yet.

    - Asher (from Paranormal Indulgence)

  11. I am now going to attempt to stay up and read CP. sad music may also come.....

  12. jejejej I now understand Sophie's spoiler ;) I'm still trying to decide whether I preferred her or you know who hitting the other you know who but then you know who's intent to apologize wouldn't be as good natured as it is XD

  13. Amber- I'm so glad you're enjoying the TMI series!!

    Kate- LOL I love Tessa!

    A. Knight- I do too! I totally agree with what you said.

    Little Miss Ming- LOL I hope you're able to do so ;)

    Anaid- I like that she kept it Sophie. It really made more sense for her character to do that. Sophie really shined in CP for me.

  14. You really shouldn't have said that Tessa's choice is going to surprise us because I think most of us expect her with Will. And if that don't be so (your surprise) my life won't have any meaning :(
    Gosh, still sobbing about the outcome of CP. Oh, well.
    Wonderful interview (:

  15. Marina- When Cassie says "surprises us" it definitely means something none of us excepted. Cassie's surprises are usually ones no one sees coming. I wouldn't be surprised if she decides not to choose Will or Jem.

  16. Yes, I was thinking that, too. And the 3rd book scares me as much as it excites me.
    Any I just have to say, Clare's books hold so many emotions that I feel like a big pile of mess afterwards.
    You know, it was easier for me to read TMI because when I did first three books were already out. But this suspence is what's killing me! So, when will Clockwork princess teasers start? :D

  17. I was Team Will before I read CP and now I must say I am so torn between Jem and Will! I think I am slightly Team Jem atm because of *end events*. It will be interesting to see who Tessa eventually chooses.