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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Teen Book Con

Happy Weekend!! I'm taking a break from posting today. I've fallen behind with my real life duties like house work and such, as well as blogging, updating my forum and writing reviews, because my poor little guy has had a horrible case of the flu was home all week long with a high fever and other not so fun flu related symptoms. The one upside to that is I enjoyed spending a lot of time snuggling with him. Thank you for well wishes sent his way through out the week on Twitter! After 6 days he's finally feeling better today. YAY!

Since he's feeling better I'm headed down to Houston today to attended an AWESOME author packed, free event, The Houston Teen Book Con

I have to say, I wish there were things like this and the Austin Teen Book Festival around when I was growing up. These events are so much fun to attend. You get to hear your favorite authors talk about their books, answer your questions and you get to have them personally sign your books. Though the book buying part can get expensive, it's worth traveling just to attend these free events. 

Today's info:
Where: Alief Taylor High School
When: Today from 9am -4 pm at the 
What: This FREE event will give teens/YA fans access to a whole group of amazing authors! 

Here's The list of authors as well as the schedule. Just to name a few authors you don't want to miss meeting: Holly Black, Lisa McMann, Elizabeth Eulberg, Maggie Stiefvater, Michael Grant, Tara Hudson, Jessica Spotswood and Michelle Zink. I'll see you there! 


  1. Aww poor kid, the flu is awful. I'm glad he's doing better. Have a blast in Houston! I wish I could be there. I will definitely make it to the Austin one in the fall!

  2. I'm so glad to hear that your little guy is doing better. It's so awful when they're sick! And the Teen Book Con sounds amazing! I wish they'd had things like this when I was growing up too!

  3. So many great authors, so jealous. I always look for events such as this where I live, Orlando - and NADA! Lucky duck!

    - Jessica @ Book Sake