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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Book Review: Anastasia Forever by Joy Preble

Published by: Source Books
Released on: August 7th, 2012 TODAY
Source: ARC from TLA, signed
4 stars: I Enjoyed It
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Series: Anastasia Dreaming, Book #3

Is it possible to change the past?

No one ever knew what happened to her except her half–brother, Viktor—and he'll do anything to keep it that way.

She just wants a normal boyfriend, a normal family–no visions of the past, no evil mermaids, no Brotherhood trying to kill her. But Anne is not normal...and she's capable of a lot more than she thinks.

He's been eighteen for nearly a century, and finding Anne is the best thing that's ever happened to him. But the magic in his blood is turning darker, forcing him to wonder whether he's the most dangerous threat of all...

A rich Russian lore with a light yet intense romance, and a plot line that has moments of humor, suspense, mystery, and shocking discoveries, Joy Preble's Anastasia Forever wraps up Ethan and Anne's story perfectly. I've really enjoyed reading this series, and being that this is the last book in the series, I found it to be just as fabulous as the first one. Which isn't always the case for me when reading a series. I always find myself favoring one book over the rest, and in this case I've really enjoyed all three books the same. Maybe that has to do with the fact this is one series that's stayed true to it's voice over the entire series, and it's really shown in the way Joy connected all three books together. All three books really compliment each other well, and each one plays a crucial role in unraveling the mystery that Anne finds herself mixed up in. 

With this book Joy reveals some surprising secrets, answered any remaining questions I had, and wraps up Anne and Ethan journey in a very fitting way. Not only do fans of this series get a closer look into the back ground of the mythology that plays a huge part in this series, we also see how the past, present and future are tied together, and how one character's selfish desires can alter them. I liked how Anne had to go back in time in order to get some of her answers, and how that past directly ties to Anne and Ethan's life now. This part of the series's mystery is uncovered in a way that's both well paced, and exciting. It made sense and was believable for me. I also enjoyed seeing how both the mythology and the characters are all tied together even more so than I first though. They really all come full circle in both their growth, and how the choices that have been made through out the three books have changed, and altered them.  

There's a lot of specific things I felt Joy did a fabulous job at explaining through this book being told through Anne, Ethan and Voktor's points of views. It didn't slow the storyline or make it confusing on who was talking, but instead it kept the flow of the story line exciting, and it was incredibly easy to distinguish who was talking, even if each new chapter wasn't titled by that character's name. I give huge kudos to Joy for being able to write characters who all stood out like that. She surprisingly made it hard for me to dislike Baba Yaga. In-fact, I surprisingly admire her more than I have in the other two books, because I felt like I got to know her more in this one. I respect her for the fact she's stayed the same and honored her same ways, no matter how right or wrong they are, for centuries. She by far has been the most interesting character for me to get to know in this series.

Really there's a lot of things I can point out about her and the rest of the characters that I liked, but in doing so, I'd spoil some of this books plot line. I will say I love the role Anne's family and friends played in this book. Her grandmother totally surprised me in the end! What a great twist. This is a book that fans of Joy's series, as well as YA paranormal reads will enjoy reading, and one I'd recommend picking up.

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  1. Thanks for the review, I think Joy Preble is a good author. I'd definitely try to get a copy of this book.