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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

TMI Movie News: Filming Day 2

Yesterday there were a ton of amazing pictures posted from a few lucky fans who were on set and today Cassie has shared a few more pictures. I seriously adore these pictures of Clary and Simon!

Of these pictures Cassie said, "Clary and Simon! Hanging out and being friends! So cute! More pictures here at .
I think that was my first “My babies! My babies!” moment." 

You can see more pictures from Lily

Cassie also shared some more pictures earlier today along with details about one of the scenes filmed today: 

Via Cassie's post: "Clary and Simon!
Lily (Clary) and Robbie (Simon) with Harald (next to Lily and looking down) directing them on the set of City of Bones. Lily Collins & Robert Sheehan on the set of City of Bones in Toronto on August 21st"

Per Cassie's post:

 JAVA JONES. Oh that is so cool to see.
TMI movie set!
Java Jones coffee! 
There are so many people and extras but that’s the best I could get of it :)

Details about one of the scenes was posted on Cassie's tumblr and linked back to TMI Source, which said:

Details about a scene they’re filming with Lily, Jamie, Jemima and Kevin from our Toronto Correspondent Allie Hayman!

Here is an update from one of our Toronto Correspondents @MsAllieHayman about a scene that Lily Collins, Jamie Campbell Bower, Jemima West and Kevin Zegers were filming. Looks like they’re headed to Magnus’ party!

Lunch break right now- they’ve been in a residential area, filming a scene with Lily, Jamie, Jemima and Kevin outside some houses. They march down a street, stop to chat, then march off. Clary is in a black leather jacket and jeans, and the others are in shadowhunter gear. Jace has his swords on his back, and Isabelle has her whip. We have some amazing views at Alec’s buff arms and runes.

They all look AMAZING. Jamie and Lily are being somewhat affectionate while not rolling, and Jemima looks like a total bamf. She is the perfectest Isabelle with the perfectest ponytails and awesome heels.

Don't miss reading all about being on set for day 2's filming here


  1. I so excited for the movie!! I can't believe it that place in the above pic in toronto is like 3 blocks from my house :D!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. awww I think Clary and Simon look adorable together! Love them!

  3. Robert as Simon couldn't be more perfect!!!!!

  4. SO exciting!! These pics are great too. Thanks for keeping us updated. :)