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Monday, April 8, 2013

Shadowhunter Tarot Cards: Artist Cassandra Jean Answers Fans Questions

Yesterday Cassie shared a Q&A Shadowhunter Tarot Card artist, Cassandra Jean posted on Tumblr. Here's what her post entailed:

Okay! I feel like I’ve answered these a bunch of times on twitter and here, but it’s also possible that I just read your questions and mentally think an answer at you and then forget to actually respond in a way you could read without psychic powers. (I’m sorry, I do that a lot. Thinking things and then forgetting to actually type them.) 
So ANYway. Let me answer a few. 
Thank you I’m glad you enjoy them! I have been planning to finish all the cards by the end of March and I’m on track for that. But, then I will be redrawing a few cards and fixing others up so that could take another week or so…. and then a whole mess of things have to happen on Cassandra Clare’s end where she has to deal with the actual hard part (the printing and all that) so I honestly can not tell you when the deck will be ready. But, since it’s not even spring yet, it sounds fairly positive that they might be ready by summer? But don’t hold me to it, sometimes these things take awhile.
Hello Cassandra, exactly how many cards make up the deck of shadowhutners torot?
At the moment I believe there are 79 cards? This deck has two Fool cards so that makes for an extra. The typical tarot deck has 78 cards.  
Is the Shadowhunter Tarot you’re doing for Cassandra Clare going to be sold somewhere? I really love the art.
I believe so yes! This question was answered in a previous post I made in more detail: LINK
Hi! First off, I just want to say I love your art. Secondly, I have two questions about the Shadowhunter Tarot Cards, which is, is there a reason that both “The Scientist” and “The Dreamer and the Innocent” both translates to “the Fool” card in the Rider-Waite Arcana deck? And is the Princess of Steles the same as the Page of Wands? I was just wondering whether you were ‘translating’ the original Arcana or creating cards that are all new :)
Yes, the Princess of Steles is the same as the Page of Wands. The Shadowhunter deck has new names for every card and every suit, but it is basically.. translating the original Arcana into Shadowhunter lingo. They will be easy to follow because the card numbers will correlate with the original tarot card numbers. Maybe the deck will be sold with some instructions about this. The new suits are:
Swords = Blades
Wands = Steles
Cups = Runes
Pentacles = Rings
As for the question about the fool cards, there are two! The fool can be either the 0 or the 22 card. And we decided to have two fools for the sake of having more character cards. When you use the deck, you can always just pick your favorite and use that, and keep the extra card as a gift. 
will there be a Cecily & Gabriel and Sophie & Gideon shadowhunter tarot? just the two of them? :)
Okay! I get a lot of messages like this one so I’ll use you as a sample. There are cards that Have Cecily, Sophie, Gideon and Gabriel (though not together). I also get requests for other couples too. Unfortuneately, although 79 cards are a lot of cards. That doesn’t leave enough space for a card for every single couple and every single character in this very prolific series full of unique characters. I think you guys will be happy, very few characters have been left out, and Cassandra Clare has listened to some of your requests if it seems like enough people really want to see a certain card. I am in fact going to be redrawing several cards completely to make up for your Simon/Izzy requests and stuff like that. So, although we are listening to you guys and doing our best..! There might be some pictures that you want to see that get left out. Not to mention that Cassandra Clare has also been very careful about choosing which characters go on which card, so that the character and scene match the meaning of the card. The characters aren’t just matched up with random cards, they are chosen carefully so the symbolism works out just right. (Like Simon scoring the Sun card. Or Maia & Jordan on the Moon card)
You can see all of Cassandra Jean's Shadowhunter Tarot Cards here.

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