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Sunday, September 1, 2013

TMI Movie: Join Us For #SeeTMISunday

Shadowhunter fans have been amazing with their support of the #TMIMovie. Not only have they gone out in droves to see the movie, but fans have been submitting their thoughts about the movie to us via the #TMIMovieReactions. Now we're teaming up with the fandom again to encourage fans to go see the film worldwide. Over the next 5 days we'll be using a new hashtag a day to support this. YES, the movie studio will be checking the hashtags too. :) Let's show them our support!

JOIN Us for today's #SeeTMISunday!

Don't forget, keep sending us your fan reactions to the movie to #TMIMovieReactions!  I have really appreciate everyone who's shared their thoughts, both good and bad. 

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