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Monday, October 13, 2014

Cassandra Clare's Thoughts About Yesterday's TMI TV Series News

With yesterday's exciting news about The Mortal Instruments coming to TV (read about it here), fans have been curious about what Cassandra Clare's thoughts on it are, and whether or not our TMI movie cast will be cast for the TV series. Here's what Cassie said on her Tumblr page yesterday,
Well, I promised to let you know about movies/TV as soon as I knew anything, and now I know something. (I knew a tiny bit about this being a possibility on Friday, but this is the first I’m hearing of some of the definite details!)
bamf-beckett said: If tmi is becoming a tv series does that mean there will be different cast or the same one as the movie?
I have absolutely no idea! I am sure they are not casting at the moment and probably nobody knows. There is absolutely nothing whatsoever I could possibly ever do to influence whether they kept the same cast (assuming they were  available) at all, so I will be waiting, like you, to see if they cast new people, and hoping that if they do, those people will be good. 

It will be interesting to see if they offer the TV roles to any of the movie cast, or if they'll cast a whole new group of actors. I'm a little torn. I felt the cast was great for the movie, and if they continued on with the movies, I wanted them to keep the cast together. With a TV show, and some of the actor's schedules, it might be impossible for them to get the movie cast. I can see the benefits from starting fresh and getting a whole new cast together for the TV series. It definitely would feel complete if they mixed part of the movie cast with a new cast... Then again, who knows what they're going to do. I'm definitely intrigued and am anxiously awaiting more news. Either way, this time around they definitely need to do a better job at telling the over all story correctly.

* You can read about other coverage for the TMI TV Series via: The Hollywood ReporterCNN, Empire Online, Cinema Blend

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  1. Please recast Valentine!!!! I love Simon and Clary, and I'm ok with Jace but Valentine?!? And fix the story!!!