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Monday, November 24, 2014

Mundane Monday #227 - TLH & an Unidentified Snippet

Happy Mundane Monday! 
I hope you're week is starting off great. My kiddos are off for the entire week, and I'm planning on taking it easy and spending time kicking back with them. Cassandra Clare is getting our week off to a great start. Check out her latest TLH snippet, she posted here

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“Cordelia Carstairs,” Will said, after greeting her mother. “How pretty you’ve become.”
Cordelia beamed. If Will thought she was pretty, perhaps his son thought so, too. Of course Will was entirely prejudiced toward all things Carstairs. He even thought Alastair was perfect (and, possibly, also pretty.)

Now that I'm finally out of my Scholastic Book Fair cave, here is an Unidentified snippet I missed last week. 
There was nothing less sexy than an angry-looking cat on your bed.

Just in case you missed it, Cassandra Jean has a new Shadowhunter Flower Project, The Dark Artifices. Check out her newest cards below:

Cassandra Jean’s Floriography — matching the Shadowhunter Chronicles characters to the flowers that represent them! Diego and Jaime Rocio Rosales from the Dark Artifices. Brothers at odds…
pottericaporsiempre said: Hi,Cassie Well obviously that i don’t even read TDA But i saw a new post and i assume that Diego and Jaime Rosales are Mexican right? I’m asking this to you because i don’t know so…i hope you answer this. Thank you!!
Yes, they are. They are not directly related to Cristina, though she has an intense history with both of them.

I'm really looking forward to reading TDA, and getting to know more about the characters Cassie keeps teasing us with. 

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  1. I cannot wait to slip back in to my favorite shadowhunter world. Also revisit Will and Tessa and the rest of the Herondales YAY!! Thanks for these brilliant clips and gorgeous pictures