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Thursday, June 28, 2012

TMI Movie Stuff

Cassie has always done an amazing job at answering fan questions and lately she's answered a lot of TMI movie news questions. Today she posted a series of questions from fans and her answers. This post is quoted directly from her tumblr post today.

sharetheindie asked:
Have you cast someone to be simon? If so, who is it? And if you guys haven’t cast anybody yet, Freddie Highmore comes to my mind whenever i’m reading the series. Just an afterthought. :P
Simon’s not cast; don’t look out for Simon casting till mid-July, because of Reasons. (They are good Reasons.) I always think of Freddie Highmore as Jared/Simon from Holly’sSpiderwick Chronicles. That’s just my brain though. I’ve no idea actually if the casting people have discussed him.
esperenia asked:
I love the thought of David Tennant as Hodge or even Luke, but what do you think of Jennifer Love Hewitt for Jocelyn or as Maryse?  
David Tennant love for the win of course. I think it’s interesting how people visualize the adults. JLH is only 32 I believe - very young to have a teenage daughter. And people are often surprised to remember that Jocelyn, Hodge, Luke, and Valentine are all basically the same age. Late thirties. Valentine’s a little older at around forty and I think of the Lightwood parents as being around that age too. 
ilovestv asked:
David Tennant as Hodge is perfect! Which brings the question have they cast Hodge? Or are the still working on that?
Hodge isn’t cast. The only person who is cast but the information isn’t public is Alec. Otherwise, if it isn’t here, you can assume that character isn’t cast.
So I was just wondering if Max was going to be in the City of Bones movie? Because I know that he doesn’t come in until the second book, but I just wasn’t sure how different the movies would be from the books in that sense. Also, Max is (*cough cough* was) one of my favorite characters so I was just wondering if he’s going to be in the first movie or if he doesn’t come in until the second one. Thanks!
No, he’s not.  I love Max too, but sticking to the book is probably the best move. I mean I sent Max off for the first book so there wouldn’t be a little kid around who had no parents to watch him (leaving him to the tender mercies of his demented older siblings) and I think that problem would extend to the film too.
averysbooknook asked:
I read somewhere that filming for City of Bones is going to start mid-August in Toronto. Do you think that you will join the cast/ crew at any time while they are in Toronto (can you say impromptu book signing ;) “
Hee. *Imagines signing books randomly on the lot* They’ve been really great about extending me an invitation to visit the set, so I think it depends on their shooting schedule, and my schedule, whether I visit the set in Toronto or when they’re filming in New York. I’ll keep you posted.

I have no idea. I am waiting for a phone call that I have no idea when will come, because that phone call itself is waiting on “scheduling issues.” There is no possible way I could know or even guess how long it will take some scheduling issues whose details I wot not of to work themselves out and then for someone to remember to call me. :)

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