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Monday, May 14, 2018

SHADOWHUNTERS TV Series, S3 E8; A HEART OF DARKNESS / Review #shadowhunters

From ShadowhuntersTV twitter account. 
When we last left our favorite Shadowhunters, Izzy, Alec and Magnus had trapped Possessed Jace in a box. Simon and Luke join them, and in a pretty darn good performance, Dominic Sherwood delivers Possessed Jace as a tormenting, sly devil. His barbs at Alec and Simon were especially well delivered. But, as Captain Obvious Luke says "the Jace in that trap is not our Jace."

The Scooby gang decides that they have to destroy the demon inside Jace. Ah, these guys, they are just so clever. Magnus advises that they use the parabatai connection to find the real Jace, but Izzy will go along for the ride because as we know that connection nearly killed Alec last time he used it. Let the eye rolls commence. Because, they repeat this at least twice in a row. Either they know their audience leaves for a snack or someone in script editing forgot to delete the extra mentions.

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Clary, now in the Silent City, goes through the soul sword ceremony, and voila, behold the truth about Jace's death, rebirth and possession is known to all.

Lillith decides that she needs to go back to the "place where all her troubles began" -- the Seelie Court. Lillith and the tricky, little Seelie Queen exchange barbs. The Queen tells us that the Seelies protect what is "special and unique", which is why the Daylighter is under the Seelie's protection.

Maia volunteers to join in on Simon's hunt (start singing with me "we're coming after you, this is the huuuuuuunnnnnt") for Lillith and guess who tags along? Yup, Jordan. Maia and Jordan have made their peace (that was quick!) and Freeform's made a stupid love triangle as well as advised us that "two wolf noses are better than one" all in one scene. OMG EYE ROLL.

In the ewww scene of the moment, Luke and Maryse bond over trying to find someone inside the Clave that can help Clary. Luke actually utters this line:
And somehow the fangirl's hope in me dies, all over again. Why do they keep stealing iconic lines? Why, Freeform, why?

But my fangirly hopes haven't died completely, because once our Scooby gang gets into Jace's mind, what occurs are some really cool scenes. We see Izzy, Alec and Jace as kids fighting with swords and teasing each other. We have the Jace Stabs Clary scene with a dozen or more Clary's lending a very chilling visual. And we have the moment Izzy and Alec find the real Jace, hidden well within a room far back in a labyrinth of sorts. Again, Dominic's performance here is so raw and vulnerable that I had to give him props for delivering a really emotional scene. 

In the last seconds of the show, Clary is informed that she is sentenced to death for using a wish to resurrect Jace. DUN DUN DUN DUN. 

WOW. I, literally, have no words left. 

Total Eyerolls: 11 billionty
Ewww Moments: 1
Dun Dun Dun Dun Moments; too many to even dun dun dun dun
Stealing Another Shows Feels: 1

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