Tuesday, January 8, 2013

City of Lost Souls - A Question of Power

By the Angel, we needed a little boost after the holidays and Cassie just tweeted this:

The embargo period is up, so I can start posting the special content from City of Lost Souls! First up, today, “A Question of Power” which was in the Target edition of city of Lost Souls and contains Alec and Camille talking about – what else - Magnus.

A Question of Power

     “Tell me more,” Alec said, pacing up and down the concrete floor of the abandoned subway station at City Hall. “I need to know.”

     Camille looked at the boy in front of her. She was lounging on the scarlet divan she had furnished the small space with; it had a soft velvet nap, though was worn in places. Not the finest furnishing she had ever known; and a transit station below Manhattan hardly matched up to her studio in Paris, her townhouse in Amsterdam, or the great manor house by the river near St Petersburg that she recalled now only as a dim memory. “Know more about what?” she demanded, though she knew perfectly well the answer.

     “About Magnus,” said Alec. He held a witchlight stone in his hand, carelessly, as if he had forgotten it was there. So typical of the Nephilim, who took for granted their angel-granted powers and the magic that ran in their blood. The stone cast its light upward, showing clearly the planes and angles of Alec’s face. “He won’t speak to me about his past, and I can’t stand it. I can’t stand not knowing.”

     She looked at the boy. He was pale as milk, his blue eyes startling against so much white skin and the darkness of his hair and eyelashes. He was long-legged, slender as a willow branch, but strong: a very pretty boy, even to her, who looked at human beings and saw mortality and rot.

    “You may have to stand it,” she said, trying to keep the boredom out of her voice. “If Magnus has not shared his secrets with you yet, he may choose never to do so. So you have have him and his secrets, or not have him at all.”
I never thought I'd say this, but -- Camille, you are right and OMGSTOP Alec. Stop asking those questions. Now this isn't the entire snippet; for that you'll have to head over to Cassie's tumblr and wait until you read the ending. Alec, Alec, Alec, this Mundie Moms is frustrated with you. Really frustrated. UGH.

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